Andrea is a Spanish and American-Ecuadorian director, photographer and visual artist, born in Madrid.

After graduating from the University of the Arts of London in 2015 with a First Class Honours degree in Film and Television Production, her thesis short film Desert-ar had a successful run of festivals. Since the making of that film, she has directed a variety of music video, narrative and commercial projects. In parallel, she has worked as a photographer for several notable music labels.

Her clients include Sony Music, Ninja Tune, Parlophone, Polydor Records, Atlantic Records, City Slang and Tate among others. Her work has been featured in press such as British Vogue, Metal Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and Lomography Magazine.

Andrea’s work stems from exploring magical realism as a visual art form. Her close attention to framing and expressionistic colour amplifies her ability to cast a distinctive atmosphere and mood across her work. The absurdity of her subjects and their caricature only add to the surreal element of her pieces as she further delves into the human condition in a heightened and evocative fashion.

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